My Mature Neighbor Natalie

I stood up and grabbed her hand lifting her with me. She rose to my level and I placed my hands on her shoulders. As I leant in I spoke, “You’re the most sophisticated and beautiful woman I’ve met in my life, you’re not a failure. You’re amazing”. As I finished she stood silently and her eyes widened. Suddenly before I could even react, she planted her mouth firmly on my own and grasped the back of my head with one hand and clawed at my chest with the other. I was quite taken, however I immediately took advantage of the situation and pulled her hips towards me kissing relentlessly in rhythm with her. Her lips were softer than I had imagined and her skin felt heavenly on my face. I was overrun with hormones as lead her to the bedroom and began caressing her body. I ran my mouth over her neck where she had placed some sort of floral scent, she moaned as I moved closer down her neck and grasped my body tightly with anticipation. In a sudden second of lust, she pulled herself downwards and grasped my belt. As she moved her breasts rubbed my body softly as I waited in anticipation. As she took my belt off, again she tore off my clothing leaving me in only my briefs. Natalie rubbed my genitalia with her soft hands and breasts looking up at me with seductive eyes. I knew what was coming as she twisted her tongue down my stomach closer to my hard penis. Moving downward with her head, she moved my briefs out of the way and in one movement took my entire length into her mouth. My body curled in pleaser as she began sucking gently and softly. As I arched she placed her hands on my stomach and caressed my bare skin. She was so gentle and warming I would have stayed like this for hours. Her tongue propelled swiftly but sensually as I moaned in the warmth of her bed. As I peered down to watch her pleasure me, I watched her brown eyes flutter into my own. This was not an act of harmless sex, in her eyes was a seriousness and boldness that just left me paralysed in my compassion. This was a woman of experience and profession, I was enjoying this moment unlike any other. Her stare was hypnotic as I watched her dark eyes inhale my cock and her tongue simultaneously stroke the tip causing me to shiver. I could barely contain my excitement as I hauled myself upright with Natalie’s face now close to my own. I grabbed her under the arms and through her down onto her back guiding her head to the mattress. She lay there with an innocent look anticipating what I was going to do next. Her fingertips stroked my body as I lowered myself between her legs and removed her panties from obstructing me. She showed a slight shiver as I softly rubber her shaven pussy which by now was already beginning to lubricate. Her head bent backward as I moved my hand faster and harder, only just making her moan. Without hesitation I lunged my tongue into her crotch and profusely thrashed around evoking from her a long and endearing cry of pleasure. Her hand grasped the back of my head and stroked my fine hair. My hands endeavoured through her dress and explored her soft body. Fingertips caressing her stomach, my face was pushed deeper into her as she began to lapse into immense pleasure with cries of desire like what I had heard earlier. She screamed loudly in an instant, “Please fuck me, I need it right now!” I instantly rose to my knees and placed my hand on the bottom of her dress. We met eyes for a second and seductively engaged each other. I pulled her dress off over her head and wrapped my arms around her body reaching for her bra strap. I took the time to admire and kiss her body before undoing her bra and throwing it across the room. At my sudden outburst of hunger for her body, Natalie was panting breathlessly as I touched her body. We held one another closely on our knees as my cock rubbed in between her legs. We felt each other’s warmth and before we could prepare ourselves, the lubrication from our contact directed me deep inside her. She and I gasped simultaneously as she clenched herself over my chest and held herself onto me. Gently placing her on her back, I penetrated fully revealing a loud whimper feeling her clenching me even tighter as I moved inside of her. She was tremendously intact for her age as she had not given birth to children. As I grinded within her she resembled someone half her age making me lust for more. She parted her legs relaxed at first however soon constricted me closer with her strong legs. I penetrated deeper with her breasts against my body. She had a magnificent body, in the light of the room her skin glossed and her figure appeared to mould into my arms. Her face was filled with passion as her head rested on my shoulder. Powerful y, I continued to move inside her smoothly until I felt her push my chest away. I leaned back to have her lunge towards me pushing me down onto my back. Out lips met once again and I pulled her firm hips towards my erect cock and slid her back on top of me. She grunted heavily as I re-entered followed by her fierce movements that shook the bed into the wall. I had a good feeling her neighbour wasn’t home, so I pelted my way faster inside her as she tightened her grip on me and began profusely riding. As we continued she gave way to loud screams with each thrust yelling profanities and whispering in my ear. As the sweat from our bodies fused into once another, we drew closer meeting out lips. She looked in my eyes as I could feel myself losing control and quickly pinned my wrists down on either side of me. I looked up to her and saw her smile; she grew satisfied from pleasuring me, that much was obvious. I made no attempt to struggle and allowed her to work her body freely. I entered her faster and faster as she slammed down on top of me. I felt the urge of pleasure erupt from within me and as she grinded on top of me I let out a cry of pleasure signifying my immense orgasm. As I did this she responded by moving faster prolonging my orgasm. I screamed loudly tensing my muscles and pumping an enormous load of ejaculate inside her. She slowed eventually and lowered her body resting on me. We panted heavily while I remained inside her, resting within one another. Unwilling to move, we continued to hold one another with my semi hard cock still placid within her body. After a few minutes she lifted her arms and planted a long kiss on me holstering her tongue in my mouth. As she pulled away, we separated and I positioned myself under the covers as Natalie switched off the lights. Her warm naked body returned to me in a few short seconds and I felt her head buried in my chest once again. I kissed her on the top of the head and closed my eyes, falling asleep to the sound of her faint breathing. I woke the next day to the smell of bacon and eggs frying in a pan. My eyes opened slowly as I panned the room. I remembered everything, in my gaze I saw through the doorway Natalie standing over the stove. I rubbed my eyes and moved slightly gaining an upright position. The bed creaked slight as I moved and from the corner of my eye I saw Natalie poke her head out to see if I was up. I looked over to meet eyes with her and she had on her signature smile. She seemed different as she laughed and smiled in my direction. She seemed more relaxed, happier and maybe even younger. Her attitude resembled a schoolgirl losing her virginity as she skipped over to the bedroom and lunged on top of me. She softly kissed me resign her legs on either side of me. She was wearing a very large shirt with her panties on as my hand made contact. She pulled away and smiled, “I made you breakfast handsome” she said energetically as she bounced back into the kitchen. I smiled to myself at her gratitude as she placed a plate in front of me. At first she insisted on feeding it to me, however she then submitted to my side and held me while I ate. I decided it was a good idea to talk things through; I was beginning to feel like Natalie was trying to seal the deal with me. “About last night” I said hesitantly. She perched up and sat close to me with our eyes about half a meter apart. “I had a lot of fun Natalie but I think we…” I was stopped by Natalie’s finger pressing on my lips. She gave a seductive grin and put her mouth next to my ear. She whispered sensually “There’s more fun to have yet sweetie” and ripped the covers off of me. In my surprise I jumped slightly and before I could think straight Natalie had my cock firmly in her mouth. I smiled and rested my head on the backing of the bed while she went to work. I was in heaven. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at me. I gazed down, “eat up!” she exclaimed pointing at my food. She lowered her head once again and continued sucking. In shock of her request, I slowly ate my food while Natalie pleasured me. This was a feeling of utter ecstasy as I lay back having all my desires filled. As she continued she once again raised her head and stood on her knees. Sitting in awe of Natalie and her profound beauty, she guided my hand to her panties and nodded. Without any further direction, I pulled them down just above her knees and she giggled pulling away to take them off completely. I remained where I was as Natalie reversed her backside towards my hard cock seductively. She reached around and jerked me softly getting a feel for how erect I was. I released a sigh of pleasure before Natalie lowered herself on top of me in a reverse-cowgirl position. I moved all the way inside her while Natalie whimpered with excitement. She pumped her hips onto me rocking the bed as I grasped her hips tightly.I watched as I disappeared inside her over and over again. The softness of Natalie rubbing against me was amazing; she turned her head and smiled at the sight of my sincere eruption of pleasure. As she turned back she chuckled and bent over further, as she did this she moved even faster on top of me moaning with ecstasy. Her sudden increase of speed rocked the bed into the wall and rattled the room. The end of my cock penetrated deep ad I felt the tightness constrict me towards an orgasm. Only just after a minute was when it became to intense and my body let out a shockwave of pleasure. Natalie felt my legs become tense and slammed herself harder onto my cock. With an eruption I screamed and hauled myself deeper inside her and released one of the most intense ejaculations I have even experienced. I could barely move, I simply laid in relief as Natalie cleaned me off with a naughty grin on her face as she looked up at me. I panted from the release and laughed while she and I came to a realization of what we were doing. The act finished, as Natalie kissed me on the forehead and pranced over to the bathroom. I heard the shower come on, and as I looked over, Natalie had left the door open for me to watch. Within seconds, I was on my feet ready to join her. These escapades continued for quite some time, and we loved every second of it. I don’t know if Natalie was ever really my girlfriend or partner, but we made love with more passion than a pair of horny schoolkids. She was a loving and grateful woman, always looking after me during our relationship. She cooked for me, bought me clothes and helped me out whenever she felt like she needed to.I think she got a kick out of being needed while I was around, and I was indulgent in her company. She only ever asked that I remain intimate with her, giving her access to a world of sexual ecstasy. About 4 years later Natalie was offered a job that would move her overseas and more importantly, away from me. On her last day we spent an entire 24 hours making love and exploring each other’s bodies, but the next morning she kissed me on the cheek, dropped a tear and drove away in a cab. I too shed a tear, and waved to her with a smile. We didn’t lose contact, Natalie and I remained friends for a long time, never forgetting the things we did for each other. She remarried and became the step mother of 3 children and became a huge success. She thanks me every time we speak for giving her the strength to move on with her life and I smile sometimes at the thought of her in a happy family. For me, it was hard to find someone to share the passion of love making quite like I could with Natalie, but I didn’t stop trying.

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